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Since 1946, Vogue Cleaners has been Marin County's only Certified Master Drycleaner. We take personal interest in meeting the needs of each and every customer, and offer a complete line of convenient services.

Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation

Bride and Groom

Make your gown last as long as the memories. Trust our expert dry cleaning to preserve your wedding dress for you, your daughter, and your granddaughter.


Free Evaluation: We will gladly give you a free consultation and estimate for the care of any fabric, new or vintage.

Hand cleaning: We hand treat and clean each family gown (wedding, communion, christening, quinceañera) individually -- never in combination with any other bridal dresses or family gowns. We take every precaution to protect delicate beads, embroidery, and lace during the cleaning process.

Anti-sugar Stain Treatment: Spills containing sugar, salt, and acid often dry clear and cannot be seen. These latent stains do not dissolve during ordinary dry cleaning and turn an ugly brown over time. Our unique anti-sugar stain treatment, featured in Modern Bride and Bride's, ensures that all sugar, salt, and acid -- seen or unseen -- is removed.

Personal Inspection Available: You may arrange to inspect your bridal or other family gown before your true gown preservation is completed.

Environmentally-Pure, Lasting Protection: Vacuum or plastic seals and other materials can damage wedding gowns. Your family or bridal gown is layered with acid-free tissue and carefully folded into an acid-free, museum quality, archival wedding chest.

International Guarantee: Return your gown when it is to be worn again to any participating Certified Wedding Gown Specialist™ who will inspect and press the gown at no charge.

Wedding Gown Restoration

Bride and GirlIf the wedding gown of your dreams is a family bridal gown that time has yellowed and stained, call us! We specialize in restoring antique and vintage bridal gowns to the true color without damage to delicate fabrics or dyes. We can remove stains and discoloration that ordinary dry cleaners cannot. You can enjoy the wonderful feeling of using a family heirloom -- a family wedding gown or one of those special dresses you or someone in your family wore as a child. Call today for a free consultation.

Pre-Wedding Services

Vintage BridePressing - We can give your gown one final pressing to freshen it up and make it look flawless for your wedding. If you and/or your gown are coming from out of town, please give us a call at (415) 388-3035 to schedule an appointment. We will gladly accept a gown shipped to us in preparation for the Big Day.

Alterations - Whether you require a hemline shortened or a heirloom gown altered, our experience staff can help.

Association of Wedding Gown SpecialistAssociation of Bridal Consultants has been bringing together buyers and sellers of new and used wedding dresses since 2004. To improve a gown's resale value, we always recommend having it cleaned by an Association of Wedding Gown Specialists member like Vogue Cleaners."
Josie Daga, Founder

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